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Audit activity is performed in accordance with International Standards on Auditing (ISA) and Romanian Auditing Standards in compliance with regulatory requirements imposed by specific legislation.

CC Tax Advisory audit services cover:

  • Statutory financial audit
  • Certification of financial statements
  • Preparation or review of statutory and group financial statements
  • Review and compilation engagement of financial statements
  • Processing financial statements in accordance with IAS and IFRS
  • Auditing European projects ISRS 4400 ISA 800
  • Censoring and internal audit, development and implementation of audit procedures
  • Special analysis missions – Due diligence reviews

All of them are intended to give the client a true and fair view of an entity to be acquired. During this engagement, the accounting/tax risks associated with the target company are assessed, and the conduct of the engagement is based on a set of procedures jointly agreed by the consultant and the client. At the end of the assignment, a detailed report is issued on the accounting and tax situation of the company, presenting the identified risks and quantifying them.